Month: February 2020

Peer Review One

Partner reviewed:– Nick Mackay (Professional Portfolio)  For the third week of my PUB 201 class, I was charged with reviewing a randomly selected peer from my class. Nick Mackay is a fourth-year student majoring in Interactive Arts & Technology and a minor in publishing. Nick’s passion for 3D modeling and graphic design and also has …

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Process Post 1

For week 5 February 13, for this week we had the opportunity of having guest speaker Director of Apples and Oranges Media, Michael Despotovich. In this session, he explained distinctions between metric and dimension which are considered quantitative and qualitative respectively in terms of analyzing and how this gives you a clue on how you …

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Promotional Video attempt

During the month of February, I made many attempts to record a promotional video for my portfolio site but never got the time and chance to edit and post them. I took the video at the green screen room in the New media and maker commons. As this was my first time in front of …

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Process Post – Week 6

Upon realizing I hadn’t submitted this participation activity despite doing research weeks ago on what a brand story is I found that a brand story is a kind of like an illustration or depiction to represent one’s brand. Its to provide a platform for a fundamental understanding of one’s brand, why and how others need …

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Hyst Entertainment

Towards the end of January, my friends Tim Maruti and Shaun Gawa told me of there plan to host an event at a club downtown. This would be the first event for their new start-up company. Shaun and I were conversing and I realized I could use this opportunity to make use of my skills …

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Process Post – Week 5

Week five’s participation activity tasked to look through the analytics for my site via Google analytics. My previous experience with google analytics was only when I created one for my brand but never got around to learning how the software works until I had to for this week’s PUB 201 participation activity. Looking over the …

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