21st Birthday Dinner x Bash

February 8th, 2020 – My birthday. For this year I wanted to celebrate it with the people I love the most and thankful and appreciative of. This year was really special for me as the past year was one filled with ups and downs but I was glad to say I was learning and growing as life is a never-ending “learning is growing” journey. I went through a lot of self-reflection the year before which was how I ended up making the ultimate decision to launch my clothing brand. I have learned a lot since then both internally and externally as a human being.

Before the week of my birthday I didn’t think I wanted to celebrate it but upon the arrival of the sample for my second collection that week I decided to have a diner with an e-invitation which was designed by me. I invited people I wanted to be there and you were only invited if you got the e-invitation from me. I wanted dinner at the recently opened Nigerian restaurant on Davie, Arike’s. I intended to book the whole place but some people canceled or it conflicted with other things they wanted to do which I understood. I decided to hold an open dinner with people free to attend and it turned out well as about 20 or more people attended.

The dinner was amazing and it was an eventful night as we decided to go to the ruts world group opening (reuprtippyshit) event that my group WhatAreTheOdds are hosting along with performing with other artists.


e-invite for birthday celebration

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