A final term paper for my CMNS 323W (Cultural Dimensions in Advertising) class. In this paper I critically analyze how Supreme on how it uses its relationships of rebelling, alongside class & taste to attract the youth culture via skateboarding and collaborations with other fashion brands to create a sense of authenticity and value while making it look arbitrary.


You can read it here.

Sweet & Sawa - Fortune Sound Club

Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, this event was canceled.

 I created a new Instagram page Murasaki_Kaminari (Romanji translation) which is a Japenese phrase and translated as Purple Lightning (not fully as Lightning as that means Raitoningu). This is an alter ego of mine haha and also a homage to my brand page but it necessarily meant for promotions and my passion for music and fashion.

This is a group that I am part of that comprises of multi-talented individuals, we are all friends and whataretheodds of us being the next big thing? The group is an entertainment group comprising of 15 individuals who are passionate about music and fashion.

February 27th – my first attempt at promoting. During the month of February, I was attempting to learn how to be a promoter to understand how the industry works since I am heavily interested in things such as this and also the music and fashion industry. I had a couple of attempts since mid-January so this event was also another learning curve for me but it came with a lot of experience.

February 8th, 2020 – My birthday. For this year I wanted to celebrate it with the people I love the most and thankful and appreciative of. This year was really special for me as the past year was one filled with ups and downs but I was glad to say I was learning and growing as life is a never-ending “learning is growing” journey.