NEBY – Nobody Else But You

Mid-Fall 2019 I started working on new design templates for my clothing brand. As a creative director for my brand, I am charged with making iterations, design templates and building a tech pack for each collection. Since I started my brand I have continuously had to grow in ways I didn’t see coming as it as made me become more open-minded and have a keen eye for detail when making designs. 
For the second collection of my brand, I wanted a windbreaker but not just any windbreaker, one that was also reflective in style and along with my manufacturer, we went back & forth on different iterations in illustrating what would and wouldn’t work. I also had to learn about the materials as this is also a learning curve for me with a lot of experimentation.
The samples made towards the end of 2019 arrived beginning of the second week of February, this was a late arrival as the head marketer of my brand and I intended for a mid-January arrival but the late arrival meant all our plans had to be pushed back. The samples received tons of reviews, mostly good which meant we could proceed in the next stage of attempting to make a final order for the products. We attempted to make a few changes as we wanted it to be a bit more reflective but upon seeing the sample of the new remake we decided to stick to the initial design with minor changes with the spacing of the pockets and sizing of the windbreaker. We made the final decision to make orders with the intended arrival in mid-march. Since the arrival of the samples for the second collection we’ve received gainer reviews and have people who are interested in purchasing when we launch. 

Sneak Peak of the New Collection 

Male model wearing grey reflective windbreaker in the dark sitting on a bench

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