Peer Review One

Partner reviewed:Nick Mackay (Professional Portfolio) 

For the third week of my PUB 201 class, I was charged with reviewing a randomly selected peer from my class. Nick Mackay is a fourth-year student majoring in Interactive Arts & Technology and a minor in publishing. Nick’s passion for 3D modeling and graphic design and also has further interests in UX/UI multimedia, Virtual reality & programming means he had a ton of projects and content that he has been involved in either in groups or solo that I reviewed and in turn, imitates the professional self of nick. 

Nick Majors in Interactive Arts & Technology and also minors in publishing which already means one would have numerous projects to work throughout their journey to find their professional self. And Nick isn’t an exemption of this being a fourth-year student. I only started writing this peer review hours before to submission, because of the time it takes to go through the thorough and in-depth, numerous content of Nick’s website.

The navigation bar at the top is plain, modest and pleasant. It transparently shows efficiency and effectiveness through the fluidity and flow of spreading all pieces of information and draws awareness to the reader when visiting Nick’s website. Hence, why for this is a portfolio, this approach works. The layout of the home page that shows his previous work cohesively blends in well with the website structure; laying out the information well for the reader. I do believe that you could be more concise with some of the details on each project. Even though does thoroughly describe all the details about the steps and design process for the project, shortening your rationale is not only good for you but also for the reader when viewing your website. Especially since this is a portfolio, being able to do this shows the employer you are not only good at visual and graphically communicating, but also can do so through written communication.

The colors and simplistic outline of the homepage show how careful selection in designing and creating a visual hierarchy, then creates a sense of inquisitiveness about who and what this brand is. I certainly liked the organization of the layout of the author’s works as well as having a dropdown menu on the navigation bar that shows the discipline each project is tied to. This creates a space for easy flow of accessibility, efficiency and effectively promotes the brand and authors’ authentic self.  

I especially noticed and adored the contents of the pages as they explained well what, who and how the author did the project. The image created for the reader or employer beautifully displays well the research, but also the rationale and process behind their design and how it came to be the result. For example, the Daydreamer VR headset which could be shortened a bit – to be concise – however he still does a good job of letting me, the reader, know what his roles were and walked me through the 1-4 iteration stages of sketches, prototyping ranging from material improvements to actual physical material for the final product, different colour choices, created 3D models using the software Solidworks and not only realizing a problem but finding a solution to this problem and lastly making corrections and finding solutions to these problems for the final assembly of the 3D rendered-model.

Generally, I would say this site does an excellent job of the presentation of the professional self. It highlights the person’s excellent skills in not only being a team player but showing good experience, love, and passion for 3D modeling and Graphic Design.

Side Note: Thank you for liking my pink hair and supporting my company.

Side Note: I Love your VR Headset Project best and some of your graphic design and videography work such as the packlight backpack and flu shot poster.

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