Peer Review Three

For the third and final peer review for PUB 201 class, I was tasked with reviewing Noelle Jones’ site, horizon lines. The site is sort of an online journal, where she keeps records of her writings along with amazing visuals to express and voice her written words visually. This review is different from the last two as I would be  looking at the site for signs of monetization or business plan strategies, and also if any, growth that has occurred from the previous rounds of peer reviews.

On arriving on the homepage of Noelle’s homepage for her blog, it is evident that she’s exploring a creative side, particularly with writing and capturing visuals and images. You’re greeted with visuals that seem attractive and intriguing, with each title containing short titles that are caption-like. I like this approach as it attracts the reader more and makes them curious to each page and wants to read. I would say a good job on that aspect as it’s good for a site, particularly one about poems.

The layout of the homepage seems simple as it as a good structure in providing accessible links and visuals which I believe helps in directing the curious mind of a reader on your site. I do suggest making a few tweaks to fix the white space created at the bottom of the page, if this is left to upload new content then that’s good. If not I suggest changing the structure a bit. I also like the images used for your writings as they are attractive, intriguing and make it entice the mind of curious like-minded readers or creatives like me who understand what it means to do creative like work such as this. My favourite is the vinyl buffet, here and moving stills which remind of Fortune Sound Club during times such as this haha. 

Looking through the site, I believe that there still needs to be work done in terms of monetizing as the only contact info provided is on the about page, I would suggest creating a footer or a placeholder to provide links and icons to your social site i.e. Instagram as provided and also a call to action section i.e. on footer or header for email or messaging for inquiries I believe this would help in assisting communication between readers and viewers who like the content on your page

I tried finding the second peer review which was done by Michelle Young but couldn’t find any. But upon looking through for the first review which was done by Serena Sneddon, who share the same kind of blog being writers it showed that while Noelle’s found her “aesthetic”, I believe she’s still struggling to find a way to form a bit of communication between readers/viewers who visit her site. Finding her aesthetic as helped Noelle’s site create a flow which means she’s got a strategy for her site.

In conclusion, Noelle has a good website with engaging writings and visual content that showcase her talent, first of all, being able to share her story via writings and express her tones and feelings on a blog. I believe that there are few changes here and there which are needed on Noelle’s sites which I have suggested in this review but on the final note, I suggest she includes or creates a social media links for her page either in the footer or header.

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