Peer Review Two

For the second peer review for our PUB 201 class, I was tasked with reviewing Reace Mok’s Rerouted page. This is a site about documenting a change of pace and can be found here. This review is different from the first as I would looking at the site for social media, content specifics, and growth that has occurred since the first round of peer reviews.

On arriving on the homepage of Reace’s homepage for his blog, it is evident that he explores a creative side, particularly with audio. From the homepage one could see wave sign, it is clear the purpose of the sign is to promote himself while also finding his path on personal narratives but also along the line this changed to bringing people and creating awareness for what could be a not-for-profit brand. The homepage seems simple and basic which makes the viewer curious as it’s a sound wave but upon clicking on the podcasts, it makes sense I do suggest making the wave file clickable so it’s linked to your podcasts. I like the layout of the menu with it split into podcasts and PUB 201 which are weekly blogs. Unfortunately, Reace only as a link to his email on his site which is located on his about page. I suggest he includes some social media and phone numbers with links to the sites so people can have access to him other than via email. 

A night out with friends I met Reace and realized we both had mutual friends. I am usually a calm and reserved person but Reace made it known to me he had seen some of my work and I asked for his Instagram as I realized we took the same class, Pub 201. Upon scrolling through Reace’s Instagram page, I realized we did have a lot of mutual friends and he must have heard a lot about me which was no surprise to me that he was on the SFU Football team but left to concentrate on school. The content on Reace’s site makes me one to come back especially with his recent podcast with a mutual friend of ours, Katidja Zaidi about being open-minded made me realize whom Reace surrounds himself with and why the content on his site is this polished. I believe with the content posted right now I believe that Reace still has a lot to offer and I look forward to seeing what he brings along to his site and maybe one even appear on his podcast.  

On looking through Tiffany Chang’s review of Reace’s website, which can be found here. To summarize Tiffanys’s evaluation, she talks about Reace’s site lacking both a logo and a sense of eye-catching feeling which I believe Reace as worked on as I liked the clean, simple and minimal layout of the contents of the website. I do believe he should make the wave file clickable to navigate to his podcasts. I also recommend he includes a Facebook or Instagram as there isn’t one there right now or he could create one for rerouted. Moreover, it was mentioned the content on the site was focused on Reace before and since the interaction to involving other people the site is still under construction which is still possible, as there seems to be apparent growth and continuing development of a thorough website. 

In conclusion, Reace has a great website with immense content that showcase his talent, first of all, being able to share his story on such platforms and to also involve people who are interested in sharing their stories on such platforms. I believe that there are minor changes on Reace site which I have suggested in this review but on the final note, I suggest he includes or creates a social media profile for ReRouted.

image of front page with waveform, menubar.

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