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For week 5 February 13, for this week we had the opportunity of having guest speaker Director of Apples and Oranges Media, Michael Despotovich. In this session, he explained distinctions between metric and dimension which are considered quantitative and qualitative respectively in terms of analyzing and how this gives you a clue on how you are performing and areas of concentration for improvement if need be.

Since then I started using Google analytics along with ExactMetrics, on WordPress to analyze my data and found out I have 6 users with a total of 44 sessions. Right now I had no content as I was working on projects behind the scenes to upload on my brand and portfolio which explains why there’s a bounce rate of 57.14%. The session duration is 15m 18s which means people who do stay on the site, stay long enough to preview the content I have right now or leave when they realize most things are on my home page.

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