Hyst Entertainment

Mongogram circular logo for hyst enternment

Towards the end of January, my friends Tim Maruti and Shaun Gawa told me of there plan to host an event at a club downtown. This would be the first event for their new start-up company. Shaun and I were conversing and I realized I could use this opportunity to make use of my skills and offer my services to Tim and Shaun and help bring their vision to life.

The first for me as the onboard graphic designer was to come out with a logo, name and some posters for the event which had a lot of iterations with about different names and ideas being brought up in the span of 3-4 days as considerations for the name of the company. Upon realizing this we decided to act fast as the event was slated for the 20th of February as it was a reading break. I was then tasked to come up with both a name and logo. And being the only assigned designer for the job by the founders of the company I took it upon myself to help in any way possible even other than design.

After doing research, the name Hyst Entertainment was picked and I found out on urban dictionary HYST means “Have you seen this?” Shaun noting that to be a good slogan especially for an entertainment company. On the 1st of February, I had made 3-4 iterations for the logo but Tim and Shaun picked the last iteration I made as the logo caught the eye of the viewer with simplicity and good placements of texts along with a monogram of the name Hyst Entertainment.

The main poster for the event was done in conjunction with the logo but the poster did days before I finalized on a name and logo. The primary colours of the poster were blue and purple along with a touch of neon to attract the flow and leading of the eye when looking at the poster. The event had the theme of bringing Hip-Hop, Top 40s and Afrobeats music to name a few at levels nightclub a newly opened club in 2019, located in Seymour street Vancouver.

The promotion of the event was handled by Shaun but mostly on social media as he had to travel to visit in his aunt so Tim was tasked with handling in-person promotion, to assist I helped table outside of the Dining Hall on SFU Burnaby campus, helped put up posters around both Burnaby, SFU downtown campus, gave a speech in class about the event and also went to UBC on 14th of February to help get the word out there.

In conclusion, this was a surreal experience for me as it came with a lot of learning curve experience for me moving forward. This was the first project I ever worked on as a designer outside of things for myself so I was honoured and appreciated the opportunity. For this project, I was able to apply skills I learned not only from my PUB 201 class but also from my PUB 231 and other previous IAT courses. This also was my first time doing anything promotions related so it was a completely thrilling experience for me. I learned and observed during this period and look forward to taking on more projects such as this.

illustrated text written in HYST
sketches of different text written in HYST
poster with black female with neon background.
poster with black female with neon background.

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