Field Trip 2

On February 11th, I visited the media and maker commons 2 weeks after my PUB 201 class field trip. I had taken the online training course on canvas but waited 2 weeks before there was an opening slot available for me and also matched my schedule.

Upon arriving, I was treated by one of the technicians there who helped explain how the Laser cutter machine worked. The technicians are also always available throughout your time slot or from 10 AM – 5 PM.

The laser printer machine can be used to operate on materials such as plywood and acrylics just to name a few. The technician who assisted me explained to me the rules and guidelines of operating on the laser printer and the dos and don’ts of when operating the machine. There are also images placed around with instructions on guidelines for operating and how to send what you want to print to the printer.

Laser printers usually require documents from Corel Draw or Adobe illustrators to name a few and on this trip, I decided to experiment on some coasters and some type of display made from acrylic, I experimented with both materials to see what I would like for promotional and awareness creation for my brand.

On this trip, I learned a lot about laser printing and how the machine works. I had an overview of laser printing and the kinds of experimentation one can do in projects such as this as I experimented on a few ideas and would be testing them out later.


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