Process Post 3 – Field Trip 1

On January 29th, our PUB 201 class was privileged to receive a field trip to the recently opened media and maker commons located at the SFU Bennet library on Burnaby’s campus. We received a guided tour and had demos of available resources and equipment available to SFU students. I believe SFU students didn’t know these resources were accessible to us. Students have resources such as 3D printers, laser cutters, VR, Green Screen, along with an Audio and Editing studio available to them at the media and maker common.

While at the media and maker common. I realized that I could make use of the laser printer or 3D printer to work on prototypes for samples for gifts or items to offer to customers when they purchase items from my brand.

I found out after the field trip that I would have to take a course and a quiz on canvas before coming in to gain knowledge, insights on safety guidelines and basic working ethics and codes of how the equipment you would use would work. This is available to all SFU students via canvas.

So stay tuned on the Process Post 3 – Field Trip 2

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