Process Post – Week 6

Upon realizing I hadn’t submitted this participation activity despite doing research weeks ago on what a brand story is I found that a brand story is a kind of like an illustration or depiction to represent one’s brand. Its to provide a platform for a fundamental understanding of one’s brand, why and how others need to join my online tribe.

I moved to Vancouver aged 15 and been living here since while also attempting to gain a degree. I have always been inspired by music and fashion while growing up. I recalled while in my home country (Nigeria) I used to watch lots of music videos and stayed watching E and other fashion shows along with my sisters. I wanted to become a petroleum engineer but after attempting that for the first 2 years in my stay in Canada I realized this wasn’t a path for me. In May 2018 I got my first job, at Zara and this made me more passionate and inspired to achieve my ultimate goal of launching my clothing brand. Working at Zara made me get a feel of the direction I wanted to head in along with my brand and also a motivating tool personally in life.

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