Process Post – Week 8

From starting my clothing Brand I can say I have many interactions with people about my brand, especially on campus or classes. Since I launched my brand last fall, I am pleased to say I have had the opportunity to meet and network with a lot of like-minded individuals such as me who are determined and enthusiastic entrepreneurs either as models, photographers, videographers or owners of their start-ups as well. 

Purple lightning launched last fall September ending to be precise by both Saqib Madhany and I. Saqib joined mid-summer when I was almost done fleshing out the idea and he came on board to assist in marketing and promoting the products since I take on the role of creative director of the company. 

Our first shoot was slated to with 2 male models and 2 female models but on the day of the shoot, 3 of the models canceled and only a male model showed up. My partner suggested that we both model since that was the only solution. I had never modeled before but was relishing the idea of not only modeling for the first time but also launching my brand and modelling for my brand. 

The shoot went amazing as we ended up getting tons of content for our Instagram page which gained tons of positive reviews. Most of this came from our Instagram page and months later after deciding to dye my hair purple, a lot of people call me the purple lightning guy due to the correlation of things. 

Our Instagram page is where a lot of content is on but we also have a Facebook and have a twitter page that we haven’t explored much on. Our Instagram page is split with 69% men and 31% women. The reason for this is because a lot of people think our first collection is aimed at men especially since the first few models that modelled for us were men. We plan on changing this with our next collection since we are a brand that welcomes everyone and is all-inclusive as you can tell from our motto Nobody Else But You.

Mid-October, a friend of mine Natalie agreed to model for me and we decided to hold a small shoot opposite the library and at the TASC building near AQ on the SFU Burnaby campus. Our reviews changed as more women started to pull towards our brand and In November, I met Lina and Tidja, two good friends of mine whom I approached and asked to model for me they liked the designs and the head marketer and I agreed to pass them the products so they could take the pictures themselves and send that back to us and we use this for content so there’s no scheduling conflict between meeting or arranging for a shoot.

To answer the question advertisements are paid messages that intend to influence an or set of audience and used i.e. online or on posts. And the editorial post is not paid however it includes information that informs users of the brand’s products and appears on magazines and newspapers


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