Currently, my favorite website is Twitter! I will be discussing their monetization strategy below.
In general, monetization can be described as the process by which something is turned into money. In terms of twitter, monetization and generation of its revenues are from two sources: the sale of advertising services and also data licensing.

From starting my clothing Brand I can say I have many interactions with people about my brand, especially on campus or classes. Since I launched my brand last fall, I am pleased to say I have had the opportunity to meet and network with a lot of like-minded individuals such as me who are determined and enthusiastic entrepreneurs either as models, photographers, videographers or owners of their start-ups as well. 

The week of reading break for me was supposed to be a week I take a break on things and have a few days to rest and recuperate my energy. This wasn’t the case as I have a ton of commitments which was the only time I didn’t have any schoolwork and could have time to complete the tasks and goals set aside for myself.

During the month of February, I made many attempts to record a promotional video for my portfolio site but never got the time and chance to edit and post them. I took the video at the green screen room in the New media and maker commons. As this was my first time in front of the camera, I was a bit anxious but after a few shots, I became comfortable with myself and the camera.