Promotional Video attempt

During the month of February, I made many attempts to record a promotional video for my portfolio site but never got the time and chance to edit and post them. I took the video at the green screen room in the New media and maker commons. As this was my first time in front of the camera, I was a bit anxious but after a few shots, I became comfortable with myself and the camera.

This was a good experience for me as I learned how to make use of teleprompters. It took me a second to get comfortable with it but after a few trial and error, I got the hang of it.

Your question would be where’s the video? Well because of the coursework in my other classes from PUB 231, CMNS 323W (which had a group project) and also my dedication to my brand and working on solo projects since I was building my portfolio I wasn’t able to find time to edit and upload the videos I shot. Below are a few clips from the shots, I hope you enjoy.

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