PUB 231

Samples pieces from my PUB 231 (Graphic Design Fundamental class regarding projects explored and worked on over the course of the semester while learning the trades and skills of becoming a graphic designer.

Project 3 - Magazine/Festival Guide Redesign

The third and final project for this course involves a redesign/rework of a magazine/festival guide redesign of your choice, I picked GQ Fashion Magazine with the particular month of issue of March featuring the Reunion of James Harden & Russel Westbrook.

Project 2: Expressive Typography

The second project of this course involves the explicit consideration and application to the principles of hierarchy and alignment. We are charged with the focus on the expressive nature of typography by making use of (and only) our hand.

Project 1: Typographic Space

The first project of this course tasked us with placing attention on the text, specifically large quantities while following the principles of hierarchy, page layout and alignment in order to make content readable, legible, accessible and enjoyable. 

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