Reading break but not so Reading break

The week of reading break for me was supposed to be a week I take a break on things and have a few days to rest and recuperate my energy. This wasn’t the case as I have a ton of commitments which was the only time I didn’t have any schoolwork and could have time to complete the tasks and goals set aside for myself.

I started the week by going to renew my B.C.I.D card which expired and upon my birthday last week meant I had spent about 4-5 years since I moved to Vancouver it almost was a nostalgia to me as time went by quick and some goals I wanted to achieve and kept postponing meant I had to face them now i.e. learning how to drive and obtaining my license.

I also had an impromptu photoshoot with my Photographer Towhidur Rahman Bhuiyan, this was more of a campaign for the next collection of my brand, NEBY (Nobody Else But You). I hadn’t modeled before but the previous collection was my first time having to do so for my brand since cancellations from models which meant this time around I was a bit relaxed and felt comfortable with the shots being taken.

I would cap my week off by finishing the second project for my PUB 231 class which involved the process of making expressive typography. This was a learning process for me as I had to learn about Adobe InDesign and the processes linked to making and publishing magazines.

Male model sitting wearing a grey reflective windbreaker sitting behind a black door.
Male model with purple hair wearing grey windbreaker with "nobody else but you" embodied in purple at the back.

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