Redbull 3style

February 27th – my first attempt at promoting. During the month of February, I was attempting to learn how to be a promoter to understand how the industry works since I am heavily interested in things such as this and also the music and fashion industry. I had a couple of attempts since the ending of January so this event was also another learning curve for me but it came with a lot of experience.

The Redbull 3style event is a DJ event where DJ’s from all over Canada come to play different mixes in other for a chance to head to the final showpiece in Moscow. This year the Canadian final was hosted in Vancouver at Fortune Sound Club.

I had the opportunity of attending this event and also tasked with bringing about 15-25 people for the event that was had tons of DJs from across different cities in Canada. We were offered a limo ride from SFU to Main street was Fortune’s located which I was partly in charge of along with Chris Mphande who’s a promoter at Fortune Sound Club and Blueprints and also an SFU representative of said club.

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