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on January 17th, with about 5 hours left before the application deadline for the role of Visual Media Communication for the SFU Human Resources Student Association. I was informed by my very good friend Saqib Madhany and his girlfriend, Ally Ghakkar who’s currently Vice President Of SFU HRSA. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to apply but I decided to apply since the role would equip me on my path and journey on becoming a Graphic Designer. 
January 29th I would be asked to come in for an interview which I thought I didn’t do well since I was anxious about it. I told myself to be calm during the interview which I believe helped me move past my anxiousness. I was interviewed by one of the human resource and head of visual media for HRSA. Leaving the interview I felt I didn’t do well enough to be offered a position but 2 days later 31st of January, I got an email from VP HRSA informing me of being granted a position. 


The SFU HRSA onboarding event is an event hosted to welcome new coordinators of the commencing year. This event coincidentally was held on my birthday 8th February. I agreed during the interview if hired to attend the event. The event was a good one as we had a look into what HRSA is about and different roles, the HRSA family, had games such as beer pong (with questions instead of beer…haha), & family feud (with questions regarding SFU Beedie clubs), headshots were taken for for new coordinators and of we had course food!
The position as been a good one for me as I have learned to socialize and got a feel for what my role would be in certain organizations regarding my first job since I am on a path to secure my first Co-op term.


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