Sweet & Sawa – Fortune Sound Club

Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, this event was canceled or postponed until further notice.

Before the cancellation of this event, I was helping promote and sell tickets for this event that was to host March 26th. Having gained a few experiences from a few event promotions within the past two months I decided to try a new tactic. I created a new Instagram page Murasaki_Kaminari (Romanji translation) which is a Japenese phrase and translated as Purple Lightning (not fully as Lightning as that means Raitoningu). This is an alter ego of mine (haha) and also a homage to my brand page but it is necessarily meant for promotions and my passion for both music and fashion.

This Instagram page is meant for updates and promotions around the city of Vancouver regarding featuring certain brands such as Purple LightningWhatareodds, and Sweet & Sawa.

Sweet & Sawa is Vancouver’s and Fortune’s top-tier Afro Beat series featuring DJ’s Freeky P, Bombae and Mario. Chris Mphande is the founder & brain’s behind this afrobeat event in Vancouver

On the actual day of the canceled event, it was held online via Twitch by Freaky P.

Sweet & Sawa now offers Live events performances via Instagram live every Thursday. 

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