Typographic Space

The first project of this course tasked us with placing attention on the text, specifically large quantities while following the principles of hierarchy, page layout, and alignment to make content readable, legible, accessible and enjoyable. 

The project involved making use of the recurring structure of hierarchy, i.e. title, subtitles, and body (times, descriptions, locations). Our text could be from a ton of choices such as short poems, nursery rhyme, kid’s book, etc. I picked the text provided by my professor, Vogue. 

The project involved 3 solutions, that were based on legibility, readability of text. Solution 1 involved playing with texts in 1 size and two weights on the same leading (i.e. Calibri regular and bold, 10/14pts). Solution 2 involved the arrangement of texts in 2 sizes and two weights with proportionate leading (i.e. Calibri regular and bold, 10/14pts with Calibri regular and bold, 16/28). And solution 3 involved the exploration of extreme sizes and contrasts. With advocating of free form, rhythm and cluster suggested no limitations. A second typeface can be introduced but one needs to be careful of what typeface it is and how it fits in terms of style & x-height and weight. It is advised one should consider what is being communicated for each solution and how size, spacing, placement, and alignment assist in expressing meaning and how this influences the interpretation of the text to your reader/audience.

Link to the project

Below are iterations, sketches made while working on the project.

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