Group of male artists posing for a photoshoot.

This is a group that I am part of that comprises of multi-talented individuals, we are all friends and whataretheodds of us being the next big thing? The group is an entertainment group comprising of 15 individuals who are passionate about music and fashion.

The majority of the group indulges in music, fashion and other media and entertainment things related. As a member of the group I am interested in the marketing and promotion side of things as I already run my clothing brand.The groups heavily filled with talent and have upcoming plans to release content.

The group recently uploaded a playlist that comprises of songs from members of the group along with features from few artists who are friends and family of the group.

Watch out for more content from Whatareodds, Vancouver’s next big thing.

Male group artisits posing in front of a caterpillar for a picture holding up signs.

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